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    Vindictus Hack Pub Console 1.3 for NA & EU

    Pub Console v1.3 by MPGH

    • Currently undetected
    • Works on NA and EU
    • Turns off commands in public, no accidentally transforming in town
    • Turns off hacks when in party, no accidental public hacking
    • Disables console input until game is ready to accept commands
    • Custom commands (superloot, bombsaway, fullsp, nuke)
    • Load commands

    • superloot - Picks up items far away, very fast
    • bombsaway - Throws 10 bombs very far, very fast
    • fullsp - Fills your SP bar
    • nuke - Kills all spawned enemies (for technical reasons, only usable once per map)

    Load Commands
    In the same folder as PubConsole.dll, you should find a file called loadcommands.txt. This file will be processed as a list of commands as soon as Vindictus is ready to accept commands. This is useful for placing all of your binds into so that you don't have to copy/paste your binds every time you start Vindictus. In the package is an example of the binds that I currently use.

    To Use:
    • Start injector (PerX, SinJect, VinJect, etc.)
    • Select this dll to inject (also select Nico's VinPub.dll if you would like god/ohk)
    • Run Vindictus
    • Inject and close the injector if necessary (not required for PerX)
    • Profit

    Credits to l2noob2.

    Virustotal result: 35%
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    Very good , but Ohk doesnt work!

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