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    Mage 1st job skill upgades

    Lvl10/79 Ice javelyn increases in stun and damage 2 targets. 510%
    Lvl 10/79 Fire ball adds burn ailment and damage 2 targets. 490%
    lvl 18/86 icewave increased surface area and damage. hits 6 targets stack able on mobs. 420%
    lvl 21/83 Blind Increases chances/damage/range of blind by 90% damage is 500%
    Lvl 25/98 knockback increases chance/damage of knockback by 90% damage is 430%
    lvl 29/? Teleport increased range
    lvl 33/79 Def up increases def by 10% and gives all party members 40% def.
    lvl 36/74 restore turns into super critical buff adding points increases time/chance/damage of super critical hits pve only.
    lvl 44/100 Mana shield can now knockback your enemies when you are hit.
    lvl 44/107 Fire of earth burn ailment and increased range and damage 620%

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