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    Success rate for upgrading/amount

    Tier  Success rate  +atk/+def
    1           11%           20/40
    2           22%           15/30
    3           33%           12/24
    4           44%            9/18
    5           50%            7/14
    6           60%            5/10
    7           70%            4/8
    8           80%            3/6
    9           90%            2/4
    10         100%           1/2

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    Great information I was looking everywhere for this and couldn't find anything about composition rates.

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    I'm not sure about that percentage, actually. There are 2 Items in the game that allows you to add more chance of success in compounding. The x2WeaponCompositionEnhancer and the x3WeaponCompositionEnhancer. (for clothes, too). The x2 double the chance and the x3 triple the chance. If grade 3 is 33% then with the x3, it becomes 99%, which mean almost absolute success. But there are LOTS of people failing multiple times trying the grade 3 with x3 enhancer. With that said, I think either this list is not accurate or the game has problems...

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