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    Agbot Script Maker

    This is the AgBot Script Generator to make an AgBot Script easily.


    1. Extract the .rar files everywhere. Download AgBOT MAP too. Extract them in same folder.

    2. Open [AgBot]Script Maker.exe (Be patient. It may take 10-20 Seconds to load)

    3. When a Warning Show Up, Click NO.

    3. First, choose your setting. Pay attention on the Red Dot.

    4. When you are done and satisfy with your setting, click GENERATE CODE.

    5. Then go to Walk Back Setting. Pay attention at Control Panel. Choose Your World and move your cursor on your Walking Path. When Moving your cursor make sure you hit F8 on your every point-to-point path. In thins new version, your path will show up when you press F8. You even get a bigger map than before.

    6. Here is my sample. You can see the little Red Tick I`ve made to show you my point-to-point gap. You can see your path on the RED LINE[/color]. REMEMBER to press F8 on your every walk-point path. When you done, Press ADD TO TOWN.

    7. Go back to BUY SETTING and you can see your path script has been combined to Town Script. Now click save to save your script.

    8. Name your script based on your place to train or your own desire. Place it on AgBot Config1 Folder. Add only ONE script in ONE time. DON'T MIX THEM in same folder. Make other folder for your script Collections. Make sure you save your script on .lst format.

    For those who don't know how to put and make your script works, follow this guide:

    1. Go to your bot folder, and go to : [b]config\config1\script. Delete the file named default.lst

    2. Copy your chosen or desire script on that script folder. Here I've already made my script collection in one folder as an example.

    3. Now make sure only One script in the Script folder. And make sure that it is your script that you gonna use. Your script must be in .lst format. (*.lst)

    4. Open Nuconnector and Run AgBOT. Log into the game and set your Recall Point at the town teleport portal to make sure you go back to correct town whether in Hotan, Downhang, Jangan, Samarkand, or Constantinople.

    5. To check your script on the AgBot, click on the script button. You can see your script here.

    6. Go to AgBOT Config and choose return to town. This setting make your character return to town when it is on specific condition depending on your setting.

    7. Then go to Config and Tick Loop After Teleport.

    8. Final step, use the teleport scroll and wait until your char finish teleporting to town. Wallaa... your char is moving~~

    The File is in the Attachment:
    VirusTotal Result

    I hope this time i did everything right? Pls dont Ban me if not.
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    Re: Agbot Script Maker

    did you make it or repost? sorry out of the topic >,<

    anyway thanks gonna try this :thanks:

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    Re: Agbot Script Maker

    if anyone will need maps u can dl it from here

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