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    Pointblank wallhack win 7 32 bit

    Pointblank wallhack win 7 32 bit



    1. open pointblank & w8 for the launcher to appear
    2. open RtH.exe "Open as Administrator"
    3. Start PB press insert to show the menu and arrow keys to navigate


    Virustotal result: 19%

    All Virus are False Positive Just Turn Off AntiVirus

    Note: Only Tero chams is working other features have bug
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    Rth.exe.exe - dll injector
    Virustotal result: 27%

    Database.vmp.up - dll, packed with VMProtect
    Virustotal result: 2%
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    Not working on PH since ph uses D3DX9_38.dll and not D3DX9_43.dll

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