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    Making MMORPG games emu?

    I want to learn about making emu server files for MMORPG games, requiem bloodymare to be exact. So if someone has some tutorials about it, please post here, it would be much apreciated. I possess knowledge of C#, C++ and Java, so if you could "bomb" me with tutorials involving those programing languages.

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    it all begins with cracking the packet algorithm or your game of choice everything else is easy.. just allocate variables etc for each connection for stats etc.. then make a bunch of algorithmic functions to calculate damage/maybe some configuration loaders for official game data files to keep the same feel of the game in the sense of how much damage you do xp you gain etc, maybe even if you want to really go crazy do the quests etc.

    All you really need is to learn sockets and thats about it really. The rest is just sending packets.. receiving packets finding out how to respond back and yeah thats about it to writing a server emulator

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    It's a really long and laborious task, especially packet analyzing
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    there are a few topics about c language, just check around a bit in the tutorial section.
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