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    AutoHotKey Metin2 Fishing bot

    Hi all. Getting enough Yang in Metin2 can be difficult, so I concocted this script. Its not perfect but it did the job for me, I got plenty of Shells that I sold at a hefty price.

    How to use it:
    1) Download AutoHotKey and compile the script to an executable (Some Metin2 clients have special protection against having a process called 'AutoHotKey' running at the same time).
    2) Put the executable in the same folder as the 'bip.wav' file. (This file is only a beep sound to feedback the start of the bot)
    3) Start your Metin2 client.
    4) Move your character to a beach with a fishing rod and having the fish bait as the number '2' in your hotbar. The bait should be activable by pressing '2'.
    5) Execute the file created in step 1.
    6) Press 'Windows + N' to start the script.
    7) To stop the script, press Windows key, and right click the autohotkey icon near the clock. From the meny choose the exit option.
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