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    [Question] Finding a function

    I'm pretty much completely new to dll injection, but my problem at the moment has less to do with the dll and more to do with reversing the game...

    So here's my question:

    In League of Legends, when you right click on the screen, your character draws a path to that place, and then moves there.
    League of Legends has a server/client architecture, so the way I see it, there must be a function somewhere that tells the server my guy wants to move from where he currently is, to the new location.

    How on earth do I go about finding this function? Like, all I want is the memory address that this function is located at, but I haven't the slightest clue about how I would go about finding it. Can anyone help? Thanks :/

    EDIT: and I'm not just asking for this specific function's location, I really do want to know how to find it, thus far my only methods for finding things had to do with using a memory editor to search for a value and using that address along with access/write breakpoints to find functions I want. Coordinates aren't public, so I can't find the walk function this way.

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