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    Trouble finding/hooking Pre-encrpyted WSASend data in MMO Runes of Magic

    I have been at this trying to figure this out for the past 48 hours...... religiously following and learning from this tutorial as I go: tutorial-packet-hacking-reversing-mmo

    In Ollydbg, for many many hours now, I have been breakpointing the WSASend function(send is only used on login) and trying to backtrack and find the data before it is encrypted.

    I'm not expert but this game in the past has never had good support. It doesn't even have any client-side cheat/hack protection, other than encrypted practically every packet. I stumbled upon one site where someone was claiming that the encryption is extremely weak.
    [Can't post link yet due to post count]:
      // Actual decryption loop, super hardcore encryption code guys!
            if (size != 0)
                for(int i = 0; i < size; i++)
                    data[i] += key;
                    data[i] ^= key;
    I play around a lot in assembly, though I have little knowledge as of right now as of how to test the above code.

    In Ollydbg I have literally been following hundreds of lines of assembly instructions trying to find the unencrypted chat-messages that I send before I sent them, but I have had no luck what so ever.

    My goal is that hopefully if I can find where the chat data is stored before it is encrypted, then maybe other send-data such as spells and movement will also be stored near there, unencrypted before they are sent.
    Any tips guys? I've honestly hit a brick-wall in following these hundreds of lines of assembly data to no avail.

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