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    Luxor 2 Trial Patching

    hi im newbie here and sorry me english not good,I even use google translate
    i just want to share how to make a full version of a game.
    I select a trial on the game luxor
    1. Install the game on your PC or Laptop. In the game seemingly no time limit and this is called the Trial Version.

    2. Open OllyDbg v1.10 tools. Then open and find the location of the game is installed (C: \ Program Files \ GameHouse \ Luxor 2). We will open the file extension. Etc. that are essential components of the game, namely luxor2res.dll
    3. If open, then press CTRL + F, put the call isTrial, click FIND

    4. If you have found, and then press ENTER

    5. After that, click 2x box will appear and replace it with MOV EAX, 0

    6. That is the point to turn off and turn it into a Trial Version Full Version.
    7. If so, right click disembarang place, and select copy to executable? all modifications

    8. Choose copy all

    9. Then right-click, choose SAVE and so select YES

    Well, try running the game and the result is a game that became Full Version

    Done! enjoy

    i have the picture but i don't know how to upload on this forum
    tank's wish you all the best'

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