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    No Animation (bug fixed)


    I play grand fantasia in french server, wednesday in the new update, they fixed the bug "No Animation".
    this bug is to modify the file "PKG.IDX" with Hex Editor and clear 4 lines: b_attack.kf, g_attack.kf, b_shoot.kf, g_shoot.kf
    After this, when i'm log in game, all my skills and auto attack was no animation. So i could spam my skills more faster than other and for the class than i played it's very awesome.

    Now, when i modify the files and when i log in game, i received an error message: Modification of files is prohibited.

    I need your help if u can.. help me to bypass this Anti-Cheat system..
    In the game folder, there is a folder named "xTrap" but empty so i don't think the anti-cheat is xTrap..

    Oh, sorry if this topic need to be in Anti-Cheat section 'cause i was confused between Anti-Cheat and Grand Fantasia section..

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    I have the same problem, anyonecan help us ?

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