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    Diablo III Texture Converter

    Author: Necrolis

    The D3TexConv tool dumps the data from 1 or more tex files, outputting dds files for the image(s) and tab delimited txt files for the embedded atlas data for each image.


    Just drag and drop one or more tex files onto the executable, or use a script file if you so please. The files will be generated in the same folder as the tex file, with the same name (but different extensions).

    The output files will be outputted to where the source tex file was, so if you have a file, "C:\Diablo III\Textures\MyTexture.tex" and you drop it onto D3TexConv.exe, your ouputted files will be:
    • "C:\Diablo III\Textures\"
    • "C:\Diablo III\Textures\MyTexture.txt" (if there is any atlas data)

    Windows XP seems to have a problem with drag and drop processing, so output files land up in "Documents & Settings\<Current User>"

    Currently Supported Formats
    Currently only the following input formats (internal to the tex file) are supported:
    • DXT1
    • DXT3
    • DXT5
    • A8R8G8B8
    • A1R5G5B5
    • L8

    If any formats are found that do not decode (with an unsupported format message), please notify me with the file name and format

    Change Log

    Credits: plash, Fiel, npd2006
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    A good tool

    A good tool

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    Smile Way awesome..

    Hey man Awesome tool..been wondering how long it be before we all could pull this one apart...hahahahaha

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