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    [Silkroad] PK2 Extractor-Editor + Texture Converter + Max Importer

    Hello guys, well I want share this cool staff for MMORPG Silkroad, ok let start how use this tools.

    1º PK2Tools by Drew Benton.rar (With this tool you can extract and edit PK2 files)

    How to use:

    *Open the tool and go to File-Open and load every .PK2 file you want, in my case I open DATA.PK2, be patience because the file size is more than 2GB.

    *Ok Now we get something like this, you want extract all of them in the right side of program you have a option say Extract,Extract all and SearchMode.

    *Ok when get file for example (mesh file) and bow_12.ddj.

    2º DDS DDJ by Jan Chlpik.exe (Program for convert DDJ Files to DDS)

    3º Silkroad BMS Importer by fatduck.mse (3D Max Script Importer)

    Install in :

    C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2009\stdplugs\stdscripts
    Thanks a lot to Jan Chlpik,by fatduck,Drew Benton
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    thx ...I know that is provided.

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    Thank you very much. For a long time looking for something like this in one place.

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    Thx very much, been searching for pk2 extractor for a while.
    Once again thx for the helps!

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    Exclamation Once aggain Thank you

    I couldnt download this pk2 editor.
    Its not accesible to me.

    I am helping a friend of mine to extract some weapon glows of isro silkroad to copy it to a vsro based server.
    Hope you can make the link accesible to me couse im frustrated about all the bad pk2 editors arround the net that are full of malware and trojans. Thank you

    ---------- Post added 2013-01-16 at 08:31 PM ---------- Previous post was 2013-01-14 at 09:14 PM ----------


    SHA256: d45d9128dc28410a56df323e19d82a454816935b1852ae7bdb e48b4b82055a8a
    File name: Silkroad Tools by CriticalError.rar
    Detection ratio: 22 / 46
    Analysis date: 2013-01-16 18:52:38 UTC ( 0 Minuten ago )

    Here something for the ones that want clean things.

    PK2 Extractor: - Pk2--Extractor.exe

    SHA256: e6c3409db312179859f72550c221b3ef29a4530aabec040597 62c04845cbf204
    File name: Pk2 Extractor.exe
    Detection ratio: 1 / 44
    Analysis date: 2012-10-13 20:07:37 UTC ( 3 Monate ago )

    Adobe Photoshop CS2 (Free Version):
    Adobe - CS2-Download

    DDS to DDJ Converter: -

    SHA256: 9d292427e6061905634ddc414f2e86b27271a81579e0fa9aba 18b79e61e2d245
    File name: DDS
    Detection ratio: 2 / 44
    Analysis date: 2012-11-09 00:22:34 UTC ( 2 Monate, 1 Woche ago )

    Additional Photoshop Plugin for 2D Files:
    This Tool is in 32Bit:

    This Tool is in 64Bit: - Photoshop_Plugins_x64_8.55.0109.1800.exe

    SHA256: 434f1c8cd748b0b09823c997c073b4fb6885dd32a230591c85 2a795061906913
    File name: Photoshop_Plugins_x64_8.55.0109.1800.exe
    Detection ratio: 0 / 46
    Analysis date: 2013-01-16 19:12:28 UTC ( 0 Minuten ago )

    TUTORIAL VIDEO: Here are the Basics of Editing Data.pk2 and Media.pk2

    For your understanding:
    Warning: Before he did all that, he made a backup and copied the original data.pk2 so he wont have problems to change it back later.

    The guy in the video uses the pk2 Extractor and opens the Data.pk2.
    Then he extracts the files he wants from the Data.pk2 to one of his folders on his pc.
    After that he converts the files he extracted from the format .ddj to .dds .
    When he has converted the files he opens the adobe photoshop program that has the additional plugin for 2D Pictures installed (i provided above) and opens the files that he want to change.
    Then he draws stuff onto the textures.
    Then he closes the programm and starts the ddj to dds converter.
    Now he converts the already edited files (from photoshop) from the format .dds back into .ddj.
    Then he uses the pk2 extractor or another program to inject the files (he edited) into the data.pk2 .

    Warning: Before he did all that, he made a backup and copied the original data.pk2 so he wont have problems to change it back later.

    Thanks dont cost much time. Please thank me.
    Thank you. Have a nice day, cya !
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