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    Smile Metal Gear Solid (series) - Tools

    I have for you tool pack with all tools that can make your life easier
    Tools are for games from Metal Gear Solid series.

    Multi-purpose toolset for Metal Gear Solid 2
    Extracts and replaces files in DAR and QAR archives
    Converts XTI textures to TGA and DDS files (single texture mode), extracts TGA subtextures needed for models
    Converts TGA and DDS files to XTI textures
    Converts (most) static KMY models to OBJ file
    Solidus supports MGS:TTS (The Twin Snakes), the GameCube game.
    Thanks to Turfster, LionheartUK & TheDyingInformant for their hard work. They spent months researching and pulling things apart.

    Masher is a package for creating and playing back highly compressed high quality movies under Win95/98/NT. It is targeted especially for game development. The movie player is coded almost entirely in Assembler and takes advantage of MMX technology. Playback is in 16 bit color exclusively, but the use of realtime dithering effectively displays more than 2 million colors.
    This tool can play DDV movies from Metal Gear Solid and convert AVI to DDV files.

    Konami DAT Utility
    Packer and unpacker for almost all *.DAT files from konami games)

    Unpacker and REPACKER for *.DAR files
    (thanks to mirex, unmass has a packing function)

    Metal Gear Solid 2 KMY Importer for Milkshape 1.7
    This plugin allows you to load all static Metal Gear Solid 2 3D objects
    into Milkshape.)

    BioHazard File Archive Tool
    for extracting *.DIR files from MGS PSX version)

    This pack also contains many tutorials and guides about translating and modding Metal Gear Solid games
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