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    Idx and pkg structure. Extract EdenEternal, Kitsu Saga, Grand Fantasia

    Idx file structure. Valid for Eden Eternal, Kitsu Saga, Grand Fantasia. Can be used for extracting resources from pkg archives.

    //--- 010 Editor v3.2.1 Binary Template
    // File: EdenEternal, Kitsu Saga, Grand Fantasia pkg
    // Author: Dwar & Genz
    // Revision: 2011-08-07
    // Purpose: Resource unpack
    struct IdxSignature
        uint Dummy[0x41];
        char Signature[0xC];        //idx signature
        uint Unknown2;
        uint Unknown3;
        uint Unknown4;
        uint Unknown5;
        uint Unknown6;
    } Signature;
    struct FileHeader
        uint FileID;               //file id, or file number
        uint Offset <format=hex>;  //offset of packed file in pkg
        uint Unk4;
        uint SizePacked;           //size of packed file
        uint Unk6;
        uint Unk7;
        uint Unk8;
        uint Unk9;
        time_t PackTime;
        uint Unk11;
        time_t OpenTime;
        uint Unk13;
        time_t ChangeTime;
        uint Unk15;
        uint SizeOriginal;         //original size of packed file
        char FileName[0x104];
        char FilePath[0x104];
        uint Unk1;
        uint pkgNum;               //pkg sequence number
        uint FileCRC <format=hex>;
    while (!FEof())
        FileHeader File;
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    pkg.idx format
    Offset   Bytes    Description
    0x0000 	 72 	  Unknown 
    0x0048 	 N×592 	  Records (see below) 
    0x0004 	 4 	  Unknown. My guess is a checksum.
    Record format
    Offset   Bytes   Type   	 Description
    0x0000 	 4 	 Unknown 
    0x0004 	 4 	 Integer 	 File counter 
    0x0008 	 4 	 Pointer 	 Package offset, in the corresponding pkg-file. 
    0x000C 	 4 	 Pointer 	 Index offset, in this file. I don't know what this is for. My guess would be some deprecation mechanism. 
    0x0010 	 4 	 Integer 	 Size of compressed data. 
    0x0014 	 16 	 4×Integer 	 Unknown. Sometimes parts are zero, and sometimes seems to contain random data. 
    0x0024 	 8 	 Integer 	 Timestamp 1. Not sure what each of these represents. 
    0x002C 	 8 	 Integer 	 Timestamp 2. 
    0x0034 	 8 	 Integer 	 Timestamp 3. 
    0x003C 	 4 	 Integer 	 Unpacked size. 
    0x0040 	 260 	 String 	 Filename. 
    0x0144 	 260 	 String 	 Path. Ends with a backslash. 
    0x0248 	 4 	 Unknown 	 Always zero. 
    0x024C 	 4 	 Integer 	 Package number. 1 = pkg001.pkg etc.
    BMS Script

    # Aeriagames pkg.idx/pkg???.pkg
    #   Eden Eternal
    #   Kitsu Saga
    # script for QuickBMS
    # quickbms . aluigi . org
    getdstring DUMMY 260
    getdstring SIGN 32
    math PKG_OLD = -1
    get FULLSIZE asize
        get DUMMY long
        get OFFSET long
        get DUMMY long
        get ZSIZE long
        getdstring DUMMY 0x28
        get SIZE long
        getdstring NAME2 260
        getdstring NAME 260
        get DUMMY long
        get PKG long
        get DUMMY long
        if PKG != PKG_OLD
            string PKG_NAME p= "pkg%03d.pkg" PKG
            open FDSE PKG_NAME 1
            math PKG_OLD = PKG
        string NAME += NAME2
        savepos CURR
    while CURR < FULLSIZE
    Python script to extract the packages. Run it in the Grand Fantasia folder and it will put all the files into a sub-folder named "out". Requires Python v2.5.2+

    from __future__ import with_statement
    import sys
    import os
    import zlib
    import struct
    from operator import itemgetter
    class Record(tuple):
        def __new__(cls, *result):
            if len(result) != 17:
                raise ValueError("Requires 17 arguments. Recieved %d" % (len(result,)))
            return tuple.__new__(cls,result)
        unknown00 = property(itemgetter(0))
        filenum = property(itemgetter(1))
        package_offset = property(itemgetter(2))
        index_offset = property(itemgetter(3))
        package_bytes = property(itemgetter(4))
        unknown05 = property(itemgetter(5))
        unknown06 = property(itemgetter(6))
        unknown07 = property(itemgetter(7))
        unknown08 = property(itemgetter(8))
        timestamp1 = property(itemgetter(9))
        timestamp2 = property(itemgetter(10))
        timestamp3 = property(itemgetter(11))
        unpackedsize = property(itemgetter(12))
        name = property(itemgetter(13))
        path = property(itemgetter(14))
        unknown16 = property(itemgetter(15))
        pkgnum = property(itemgetter(16))
    def read_index():
        index_byte_size = os.stat('pkg.idx')[6] # st_size
        with open('pkg.idx','rb') as f:
            header =
            data = - 288 - 4)
            checksum =
        if len(data) % 592 != 0:
            raise IOError("Invalid filesize: Not a multiple of %d plus %d" % (size, 288 + 4))
        files = parse_index(data)
        return header,files,checksum
    def parse_index(data):
        format = '<9L3QL260s260s2L'
        size = struct.calcsize(format) # 592 bytes
        files = []
        for offset in xrange(0,len(data),size):
            record = list(struct.unpack(format,data[offset:offset+size]))
            record[13] = record[13].partition('\0')[0]
            record[14] = record[14].partition('\0')[0]
            record = Record(*record)
        return files
    file_cache = {}
    def unpack(pkgnum,offset,size,filename):
        pkgname = "pkg%03d.pkg" % (pkgnum,)
        f = file_cache.get(pkgname)
        if f is None:
            f = file_cache[pkgname] = open(pkgname,"rb")
        data =
        data = data.decode('zlib')
        filename = os.path.join('out',filename)
        path,name = os.path.split(filename)
        if not os.path.isdir(path):
        with open(filename, 'wb') as f:
    headers,files,checksum = read_index()
    n = len(files)
    sort_key = lambda o: (o.pkgnum,o.package_offset)
    for i,rec in enumerate(sorted(files,key=sort_key)):
        fn = os.path.join(rec.path,
        print '(%6.2f%%) Unpacking %s...' % (100.*i/n,fn)
    May be useful

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    i used the Python script for the unpacking of Grand Fantasia, but for repack the file?

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    Generally, to pack again you should fully repeat structure of original archive. As you can see, in fileheader we have lots of Unknown fields, so if you can define them, you can make a proper packer
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    thanks for providing this informations.
    Used it to implement a cli gdo patcher.

    great work, and thanks for sharing.

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    Error with bms scrit

    Hello all,
    Right now i'm testing the bms script but i've some error :

    Error : invalid operator p

    Can i have some help too solve this problem?
    Last edited by airskual; 2012-06-02 at 12:18 PM.

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    I was really happy to see that you provided the codes for us, who cannot download the extractor file, to use.
    My problem is that I am only a beginner with a little knowledge about programming this advanced, to the extent that I can't even tell what languages you used...

    After searching through Google's resources and making an attempt to use Pyhton, that I failed miserably, I tried using quickbms. This is what I did:
    I saved the provided code as a .txt file.
    Run the quickbms.
    Chose that .txt file a the script plugin.
    Chose the target .pkg file, and extract directory.
    And this is when I failed again. There was an error: error in src\file.h line 213: myfopen()
    Error: No such file or directory.

    This is my first time using the quickbms so I am clueless about how to solve this problem. I virtually have no idea even what this means.

    You guys made such a great job writing those codes and then giving us them. I really feel bad about asking for so much help, but could you give me some hints?

    Another thing, that I should probably ask at the very beginning. Does this program (codes) extracts only sound and images? Or can be used to extract game data, such as algorithms for some processes?

    I am sorry if asking those questions is out of place.

    Thank you

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