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    ollydbg Modification Pack

    ollydbg Modification Pack for all occasions
    Collection of preconfigured debugger for all occasions

    BoomBox Modification
    Author: BoomBox
    Another OllyDbg modification, mainly changed for aesthetic reasons in an XP styles format.

    Cim's Edition
    Author: Esp!oN Le rAvaGe
    Some useful stuff were included, like scripts and plugin's.

    Dark Olly

    Diablo's Edition
    Author: Diablo
    Its mainly got a few aesthetic changes to the layout plus it includes all the basic plugins and scripts to get a first time user up and running.

    FOFF Edition v2.0
    Author: Angel-55
    This version of OllyDbg is moded to be undetectable by protectors or protecting formulas, it is fast and with most needed plugins for everyday cracking! A few fixes where done, some where reported by the users thanks to them some changes in code for hidding and of course speed is as always even or better......DLL loader was added since first version hadn't one, added plugins and updated osme old version with newer ones..... Most important to note i add a new plugin manager to this package that works on DeFixed only now instead of deleting your plugins you can easly choose which to disable and which to use and return them back too without any problem.

    HanOlly 1.0
    Author: Sacrafice
    HanOlly.exe + HanOlly.dll - [Themida]
    - This is a custom Olly and Plugin that defeats Themida Anti-Debugger checks.
    - Olly is modified the least amount possible, only bypasses debugger checks, and nothing more, very close to original "clean" olly.

    LifeODBG v1.4
    Author: Life Engines
    This tool can let you debug a client process as a normal process, you can use normal debugger(exp:ollydbg) to debug the parent process at the same time.

    Usage help

    Olly 9in1 for Themida
    A version of OllyDbg specifically modified to allow debugging of Themida protected applications.

    Ollydbg Shadow
    Author: Shadow
    Apart from a couple of aesthetic modifications Shadow's Olly modification has quite a few bug fixes and changes. Not much is known about exactly what changes have been made but it is regarded as being one of the better modified OllyDbg versions available.

    OllyDBG VMProtect Edition
    A version of OllyDbg specifically modified to allow debugging of VMProtect protected applications.
    + latest version of StrongOD

    Ollydbg YPOGEiOS
    Author: WiKiNG
    Another modified version of OllyDbg 1.10.

    OllyDRX v1.0
    Author: DeRoX
    • New look
    • Modified code for almost perfect hiding
    • Modified code for expanded windows
    • Modified code for %s overflow RCE exploit
    • Modified code to make symbols load properly
    • OllyDRX Plugin Patcher

    Author: Shaddy
    Portable version. No need configurations.

    OllyDbg moded for ExeCryptor & THEMIDA
    • Add the possibility of deleting all points of stopping Remove all breakpoints
    • Auto path UDD & plugin
    • Reference search directly from the toolbar
    • Show offset in status bar
    • Amendment to show the number of additions to the list
    • Additions located
    With PlugIns:
    1. advancedolly.dll
    2. analyzethis.dll
    3. API_Break.dll
    4. bookmarks2.dll
    5. cmdbar.dll
    6. HideOD.dll
    7. NonaWrite.dll
    8. ODbgScript.dll
    9. OllyBugfix.dll
    10. OllyDump.dll
    11. OllyMoreMenu.dll
    12. PhantOm.dll
    13. Poison.dll
    14. ustrref.dll

    Sabre-Gold Edition
    Author: Sabre
    This version has been modded to work with Themida and EXECryptor. It also has cosmetic changes to make the design and layout of OllyDbg more appealing.
    Plugins and scripts provided in the archive for use on the above mentioned protectors.


    Author: AnTiCDLoCK
    A nice modification of the original OllyDbg 1.10 engine. Contains; a quick breakpoint feature, common and popular plugins, toolbar, extra features and slight visual changes.

    Complete package]Download ollydbg Modification Pack
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    Coolest Olly pack ever...
    thanks Sir Dwar!

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    wow..this collection of ollydbbg...this one i search for it..thanks for share dwar....

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    i cant download because download limit in uploading,any mirror sir
    Sorry for my bad English

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    Hello, can I ask for a mirror link? I can't Dl the file...

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    you can find all of these on anyways, or via google.

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