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    Cool Dragon Nest Wall Hack/No Cooldown

    No Cooldown
    Last Address: 0063xxx3
    Array of byte: 7A 0D DD D8 D9 97 DC 01 00 00
    Value: 90 90

    Wall Hack
    Last Address1: 0055xxx5
    Last Address2: 0055xxx8
    Array of byte1: 89 48 08 8B 7D 08
    Array of byte2: 89 08 D9 5C 24 74
    Value1: 90 90 90
    Value2: 90 90

    No Animation
    Last Address: 0054xxx4
    Array of byte: 89 83 EC 00 00 00
    Value: 90 90 90 90 90 90

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