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Thread: Barbarian Build

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    Barbarian Build

    Ok so I'm just planing to buy Diablo 3 this week or th next. anyway I use to play diablo 2 as Paladin, Barbarian, Druid, Amazon and assassin. but for my first character here, I want it to be a barbarian. I just want to know if the build I use before is still possible now. that would be life and mana leach, I already read that it not anymore mana but fury and there are so alot of skill to generate fury.

    now my question is what could be the best build to incorporate a high dmg using fast attack with as much life steal I can get?

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    Hey man, look this , can help you.



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    If your still wondering it would definitely be double tornado build.

    I tried to post you a link but since I have zero post count I can't. I will try later or google double tornado/whirlwind build and you should find it.

    Viable with dual wielding and 2hr's. When your damage is low Life on Hit will give you better health returns then life steal. As your damage increases life steal overtakes LoH significantly (~100k paper dps).

    Shoot for Strength, Vitality, All Resistance, Life of Hit/Life Steal, Critical Chance, Critical Damage, and attack speed. Its important your weapons have sockets so you can place green gems for increased critical damage.

    If you still have questions let me know, im top 600 in the world for barbs

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