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    SF Game Type Work with any Version

    Funny things can be done by changing this integer.

    Looked this up just to check what game type your in.

    single is 1, team games are 2-5, 7 is training, 8 is CTC etc.

    Code :
    class CPlayerBase
       char x1[0xA540]; //A54C in PSF/SSF (LSF is same offset as USF) THSF and KSF is 1C more
       int GameType;
    CPlayerBase* GetPlayerBase( )
       return *(CPlayerBase**)PlayerBase;
    //0xC01374 in phillipines sf 0xC045F4 in universal sf
    Funny shit:

    Team to single = you spawn randomly instead of with your team.
    Training to anything = you can earn points from a training game.
    Horror to anything = you can use guns as a zombie.

    Have fun.

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    Don't forget to add credits :

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