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    Cabal Wizard Class

    The wizard is a pure magic Cabal class. It has a high hit rate and nice damage. It is a distance class, that's why he got low def . He can also buff himself and other classes. The most important buff is the SP rain buff.

    Wiz should wear all other he lose to much int ( Magic )

    Must Have Upgrades are
    • Force Control
    • Vitality Mastery
    • Sixth Sense
    • Defensive Sense
    • Rulling Force
    • Damage Absorb

    Must Have Buffs for WI ( all buffs to lvl 20 ) :
    • Sharpness
    • Mass Restore
    • Raise Spirit
    • Spirit Intension
    • Force Increase
    • Hardness
    • High Regeneration
    • Art of Force Control

    a nice Pvp Combo :
    • Freezing Lance - lvl20
    • Lightning lance - lvl20
    • Terra Lance - lvl 20
    • Fire Canon - lvl 20
    • Lightning Canon - lvl20
    • Meteorite - lvl9

    a nice Pve Combo( LOW RR ) :
    • Extreme Dual Canon - lvl9
    • Meteorite - lvl9
    • Hailstorm - lvl9
    • Spcae Collapse - lvl9

    a nice Pve Combo( high rr RR ) :
    • Much Lances at high rr it dont care wich skills.... lances and canons

    How to Play Wiz without problems :
    • Wiz got low def but he got Dash and Blink....
    • So if u see that u have low hp just dash blink away and give your High Regeneration Buff...
    • Then open BM2 and go back to mobs ....
    • If u use Stun atacks u will not get dmg

    Last word :
    If u want make an Wiz u must know : As low rr ( low lvl ) u will die sometimes, but later if u are high rr (lvl) u will have a Boss / Dungeon and PvP Machine
    by ReeeD

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    I'm also a wizard my SELF...


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    wizard is good to war in 170++ n is good to every dungeon party but if pvp with fs wizard almost have lost couse the critical of fs is damn good i play in mercury cabal indo but not share . why in this forum the topic of cabal is not like aika doesnt anyone play this game too sory for my english

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