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    [C++] Example of patching pointers

    Example of patching pointers

    Auto-updates address using signature scanning and patches the game for console.

    * Mess with the best die like the rest. *
    * Project opened 11th August 2007~~ *
    * *
    * Mr. Novocain! *
    * <> *
    * neverfail.cpp Main functions *
    #include <Windows.h>
    #include <fstream>
    #include "sigsearch.h"
    #include "siggehs.h"
    using namespace std;

    //GetDirectoryFile from azorbix' D3D8 starterkit
    char dlldir[320];
    char *GetDirectoryFile(char *filename){ static char path[320]; strcpy(path, dlldir); strcat(path, filename); return path; }
    //add_log from azorbix' D3D8 starterkit
    ofstream ofile;
    void __cdecl add_log (const char *fmt, ...){ if(ofile != NULL){ if(!fmt) { return; } va_list va_alist; char logbuf[256] = {0}; va_start (va_alist, fmt); _vsnprintf (logbuf+strlen(logbuf), sizeof(logbuf) - strlen(logbuf), fmt, va_alist); va_end (va_alist); ofile << logbuf << endl; } }

    //the main thread
    void MainThread()
    //long lAddress = 0x63B3D0;
    //00430350 /$ A1 D0B36300 MOV EAX,DWORD PTR DS:[63B3D0]
    BYTE FindPointerAddress[5];
    //add_log("FindPointerAddress[0] is 0x%XnFindPointerAddress[1] is 0x%XnFindPointerAddress[2] is 0x%XnFindPointerAddress[3] is 0x%XnFindPointerAddress[4] is 0x%X",FindPointerAddress[0],FindPointerAddress[1],FindPointerAddress[2],FindPointerAddress[3],FindPointerAddress[4]);
    long Part3 = FindPointerAddress[3] * 0x10000;
    //add_log("Multiplying FindPointerAddress[3] by 0x10000..");
    long Part2 = FindPointerAddress[2] * 0x100;
    long Part1 = FindPointerAddress[1];
    //add_log("Multiplying FindPointerAddress[4] by 0x100..");
    long lFirstAddress = ((Part3+Part2)+Part1);
    //add_log("Part 1 is 0x%XnPart 2 is 0x%XnPart 3 is 0x%X",Part1,Part2,Part3);
    add_log("Address: 0x%X",lFirstAddress);

    long lPointer = 0x18;
    add_log("Pointer: 0x%X",lPointer);

    long* pAddress = (long*)lFirstAddress;
    long lBuffer = *pAddress;
    long lRealAddress = lBuffer + lPointer; //add together 'buffert' and the pointer then we get the address it points to
    add_log("Address it points to: 0x%X",lRealAddress);

    int* pConsole = (int*)lRealAddress; //make a pointer of our own ;)
    add_log("Console is currently: %d",pConsole);

    *pConsole = 18; //change the value
    add_log("Console patched to: %d (should be 18.. else error :/)",pConsole);


    //entry point
    bool APIENTRY DllMain(HMODULE hModule, DWORD dwReason, LPVOID lpvReserved)
    if(dwReason == DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH){
    GetModuleFileName(hModule, dlldir, 512);
    for(int i = strlen(dlldir); i > 0; i--) { if(dlldir[i] == '\') { dlldir[i+1] = 0; break; } }"logophile.txt"), ios::app);
    add_log("n~ DLL attached!!n~ Mr. Novocain!n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~");

    CreateThread(NULL, 0, (unsigned long(__stdcall*)(void*))MainThread, NULL, 0, NULL);
    return true;
    }//I know I'm not perfect but I'm pretty ****ing close. EoF.

     BYTE ConsoleSig[] = {0x5E,0xC2,0x04,0x00,0xCC,0xCC,0xA1,0xDD,0xDD,0xDD  ,0x00,0xC3,0xCC,0xCC};
    DWORD ConsoleAddr = (FindAddress(ConsoleSig, 14) + 0x00000006);

     DWORD dwBaseAddress = 0x00400000;
    DWORD dwLength = 0x001C5000;

    //function which checks if current offset is the sig
    bool DataCompare(const BYTE* pData, const BYTE* bMask, int iLength)
    for (int i=0;i<iLength;i++){ //search the whole length
    if((pData[i] != bMask[i]) && (bMask[i] != 0xDD)) //if they don't match & the mask is not 0x99
    return false; //they are not equal, return false
    return true; //they are equal, return true

    //function to search for signature
    DWORD FindAddress(BYTE *bMask,int iLength)
    for(DWORD i=0;i<(dwLength-iLength);i++) //while we're searching
    if( DataCompare( (BYTE*)( dwBaseAddress+i ),bMask,iLength) ) //compare bytes
    return (DWORD)(dwBaseAddress+i); //address found! return it
    return 0; //no address found, return nothing

    Archive with example contains workspace for Visual Studio 2003 .NET
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