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    About Finding & Enumerating the all modules and their adresses.(Qustion)

    Hello friends,

    I would like to do a program that will detect the hooked apis. But i need to find the process addresses of this modules.

    For example this code is useful if i know the module name;
    GetProcAddress(GetModuleHandle('KERNEL32.DLL'), 'LoadLibraryA')
    But i want to search all api's inside the exe and, if the api starting opcodes are changed, (for example it can be hooked by anti cheat with using jmp GameAnticheatadr) i will detect and list them.

    If i write my program with getprocadr api, i need to know all the modules(apis) like 'LoadLibraryA'. There are many modules inside the dll. Cheat engine is automaticly listing this modules and dll's, i can find and list all the dlls but not modules.

    Here is the cheatn engine screenshot. Is there a way to list all the Api like that?
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