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    Today when I walked in and went in Npc aika see the recipe on the website of aika
    said he would come and that its value would be 5kk of gold .. expensive neh depends on whether
    you poor like me to find it ..

    revenue this bug with a simple name like this "<>" without the quotes and of course .. moreover it is nothing new name came buggy value of your purchase on the site that said it would be like but this was 5kk -1 of gold .. so cool huh purchase balance is negative .. ohh

    See the picture ..

    google translator


    Items needed for receta bug (so named by me) would be prohibited and where revenues drop items ...

    Spirits of the boss of such dgs huh ..

    ITEM: Spirit of Balavan / WHERE: Dungeon Ursula
    ITEM: Spirit of the Marquis / WHERE: Lower Dungeon Evgenia
    ITEM: Spirit of Gressil / WHERE: Dungeon Evgenia Higher
    ITEM: Spirit of the Malik / WHERE: Pit Mining Area 1 L'Enfer
    ITEM: Spirit of Seridunn / WHERE: Dungeon Garden aerial Mirza
    ITEM: Spirit of the Queen Arzu / WHERE: Dungeon Prison Despero
    ITEM: Spirit of Jerennis Roshan / WHERE: Cave Dungeon Lycan
    ITEM: Spirit of Warkeni / WHERE: Dungeon Ariela


    When making the recipe you will receive one of three boxes below:

    1. Enhanced Box:
    - 4 critical crystals 4
    - 4 4 crystals avoidance
    - A 13 crit damage Crystals
    - A crystal under 18
    - Int a crystal 18

    2. Box Evolved:
    - Fifth gear round red nucleus
    - Fifth gear round core blue
    - Fifth gear round core yellow
    - Fifth gear round core purple

    3. Illuminated Box:
    - 30 Light of Hestia
    - 5 Kaize AA [v]
    - Hira 5 AA [v]
    - An extract Enr Hira AA [v]
    - An extract Enr Kaize AA [v]

    PORTUGUES: Ao fazer a receita você receberá uma das 3 caixas descritas abaixo:

    START: 15/08
    EXPIRATION: 05/09

    INÍCIO: 15/08
    TÉRMINO: 05/09

    My comment ..

    Interessente would change their gold with CE (Cheat Engine) to -1 then sell it and buy several and make a lot of gold ...
    Too bad it was only client side ... Do what néh ...

    Comentário meu...

    If you liked thank ...


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    the value of 5kk to be created. you have tested?

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    5kk will be the value to just buy the recipe ...
    Probably still will have more to create an expense it ..

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    Yes besides having to spend 5kk to purchase the recipe, I think he ought to have to spend a little more to the creation.

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