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    See all regenshein

    Before start, this post is for funny purposes only, nothing about hacking or making money.

    I've not found any post talking about this, maybe because it's nothing about hack or make millions, but's very funny,

    I've made it in AIKABR.

    1) Go to regenshein, and go to Joanne Sutherland

    2) Go behing Joanne's house (3529 / 647) Like the pic:

    3) Start walking right next to the wall, until you stay inside it (HOLD SHIFT), like this pic:

    4) Remove or put a piece of your armor or weapon.

    5)If everything is ok, you'll appear on the sky of the game, so look around, you can see verband, ursula, and a big thing behind city that i don't know what it is.

    And there is Ursula or whatever it's named on your Aika ^^

    For those who are already at maximum level and doesn't have much more to do^^

    Tip: If you have an Aika girlfriend, take her to this place and read a poem ^^'

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    kkkkkkkkkk great, i have many things like this with CE.

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    cool, i'll try later.

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