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    Cool Winning Dog Tag easy ~ WPE ( Br )

    Good ~

    Hi guys . In this post I will teach you how to win the Tag Dogs very easy.

    Well, to accomplish this, we need the WPE, Aika No ~ Xtrap and Dll teleportation.

    Once you have everything open in Aika No ~ Xtrap then open WPE (Everything as Administrator).

    In the game you choose a place that has many type (Termes ~ Entry Tower Giovanni), hide or stay away from the save (which has the Respawn), when you are well hidden go on WPE and click "Target Program" and select Aika No ~ Xtrap, after press the play that exists just below go in the game use the commands (Sit and Lift) "game" and click the Stop, realizes that appears next to a tab with multiple numbers, pay attention to the right side of the numbers and letters "will use only the side that has the name SEND".

    We realize that is well below the "flap" SEND, a click on it, an icon appears yellow and above, click on it to select Dll teleportation and select the nation you want to go, right side of the tab is sends me said earlier
    click right only where it has the name SEND on the right and choose " SET LIST SEND WITH THIS SOCKET ID "

    Where did you put the nation in which you want to have another go "PLAY" click it, it will pop up a window, that window has another "PLAY" click it again.

    There you go

    You will see that changed the nation, is now with you just go out killing the guys and winning many Dogs Tag >. <

    Hope you like it, because a lot of work to make this text .-.

    From one Likezim aew


    Aika No-Xtrap ~>

    WPE and Dll and teleportation ~> [Teleport Hack]+[Pran Adulta] [Video]+[Prints]

    BR ~


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    cuidado nao deixe os links na mão dos nao registrados porque eles podem zuar o servidor.
    careful to not let the hand of the links not registered because they can diss the server.

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    kkkkk nossa para fazer isso tudo, so mais telar uma naçao e passar invisivel! pelo esse tanto de trabalho, fora o dc do noxtrap.

    Our kkkkk to do it all, so one more loom nation and pass invisible! by that much work out of the dc noxtrap.

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    Besides DOG Tags, you will have a "Ban" Also, do not forget,

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    thank you

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