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    Agros With Blue Eye Macro

    I'm new here so I don't know if there is already a topic about this case.

    1. Introduction
    This macro code works like this: It remains continuously observing a point on your screen (it will be somewhere in the back of your name) and when that point becomes a certain color, the macro will take the mouse to the "ready" and will click there.

    2. How to create the Macro
    a) Open Blue Eye Macro go to the tab Home "Developer" and click "Create". A new window will be opened.

    b) In the new window click "Code Vi..." and paste the following code:
    if Color.At coordinate is (RGB)("46", "46", "46", "366", "238")
    Mouse.Move to coordinate("824", "426")
    Macro.Wait for current global loop execution time to exceed("500")

    c) Save the macro and close the Create window.

    3. How to configure and use the macro.

    a) Well, first enter in a agros room.

    b) Go to blue eye window and click "Investigate" in "Developer".

    c) Return to the aika window and press "CTRL+S. Click in a point in the back of your name when it is black.
    When you click will show the coordinates (X, Y) and the color (higher R, G, higher, higher B) of the clicked point

    d) Now go back to the initial window of the blue eye and right click on the Agros Macro and "Edit Macro"

    e) In the new window will be in "Code Vi.." click on the "Developer..."

    f) Now just let the R, G, B, X, Y of the first board the same as that appeared in step "c"

    OBS: If you have the habit of moving the window agros place, you should adjust the X, Y coordinates of the second frame (Go back to step C click in ready and get the X and Y)

    f) Start the macro, back to the aika window and have fun


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    this post already exists, please search before you post something.

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