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    Awesome, though I am trying to get something like this working for AikaNA. Though trying for the 85 honor which requires 6k kills was wondering if anyone was up to pointing me to a good packet decryption thread?

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    Do not recommend using this type of package because it will lead ban for sure. The GM are scoring. I even took ja

    Nao recomendo usar esse tipo de pacote pois vai levar ban na certa. Os GM estao marcando. Eu mesmo ja levei

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    some friends from aikaNA got ban trying get it.

    keep attention.

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    Dear claudson

    First of all, Thank you for your time and for joining our community.

    We ask you again to read our rules and follow them without any questions.

    Nevertheless, our community is semi-private. It means that even after registration you are still a Guest for us, which leads to restriction of forum features.

    If you can confirm that the reason of your registration is not only downloading some stuff, you should post 1 new useful thread. New tutorial, new guide related to games or programming and so on. Of course, new topic should be well formatted, and not only copy-pasted.

    Every new thread will be moderated and if we will find it “useful”, you will be granted with access to the first level of our community.

    Your account will be validated within 10 min, or within 6 hour (max).
    Also, Every day we randomly activate 3 accounts. Maybe you will be lucky or maybe not

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