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    Quote Originally Posted by DualEvil View Post
    Rumors that 1% of exp Elter not work in the lvl 81-85 only 71-81
    Boatos que essa 1% de exp da elter não funciona no lvl 81-85 só é do 71-81

    The onix of Elter only works for lvl 71-82,
    A onix da elter funciona apenas para lvl 71-82,

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    O topico estaria correto se tive-se falando do bug do 10% quest epic3
    the topic be correct for speaking up had the bug's quest 10% epic3
    onyx 71-82

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    verdade o gm reduziu 0lo sacanagem quando estava juntando não tinha essa limitação que me lembre, mas fazer o que né somos refens do que eles acham certo não é

    true the gm reduced 0lo slutty when joining had not this limitation that I can remember, but do what right we are than they find certain décadas is not

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    The tips are very good, and very vain serve me, I walked a little lost, where as leveling.

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