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    Changing songs on Aika!

    Hello people, was stirring in the Aika folder and decided to try to change the songs in the game, then I will teach you how to do it .... It's very simple!


    1: Find the folder "bgm" folder in Aika.
    2: Choose the music you want to put in the game.
    3: Return to the folder "bgm" and remove one of her songs, then paste the music you want in the "bgm" and change the name to the same music withdrawal.

    Note: Make a copy of the folder "bgm" before all this, should not work.

    If you work with speak here and thank you!

    Sorry for the English, was translated by google translator.


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    Really functional... But is better use overwolf player function... My opinion.

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    the music disturbs much in pvp
    when you try to detect snipers and double weapon
    it is unwise to use music in pvp.

    do not understand that your signature!

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